We are pleased to announce that applications for the 2022 Innovations Awards are now being accepted.

Cash prizes up to $3000 are being awarded to US university students who have published or presented research papers relating to nuclear technology.

Papers are being accepted in the following categories through Sunday March 13:

  • Advanced Fuels (including in-core materials and cladding, material science, in-core instruments, detectors, sensors, and nano-scale structures and materials)
  • Advanced Reactor Systems (including material science, advanced alloy development and testing, nuclear physics, nuclear reactor thermal hydraulics, fast reactor concept development, and advanced reactor design)
  • Energy Policy (including decision support simulators, which may include game theory, economic modeling, and applied mathematics)
  • Material Protection, Control, and Accountancy (including instrumentation, detectors, and sensors for safeguarding and nonproliferation applications)
  • Material Recovery and Waste Form Development (including advanced extraction technology for dry and wet recycling of used nuclear fuel, advanced waste form development and its characterization, and uranium resources, thermodynamics, and kinetics)
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering (including nuclear physics, nuclear chemistry, radiochemistry applicable to R&D nuclear fuel cycle, and generic geology repository)
  • Used Fuel Disposition (including storage, transportation, disposal of commercial used fuel, and behavior of actinides and radionuclides under generic repository conditions)

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